Take this time to reach out to one another.

Show genuine human interest and be focused on showing personal concern.

Your employees should hear from you regularly, keep up to date on their wellbeing.

How are you?

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1.  Keep your communication current and relevant.
Stay connected to your client base and future ones. Send a newsletter to your client and lead base immediately.  When things settle down, they are much more likely to remember you sooner than others.

2. Share inspiring stories about your people who are facing this with a positive spirit.
One of our brand ambassadors, grandmother was a survivor of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and Spanish Influenza. She had this to say; “We had lost everything, but people who went through these trials came out better people. They refused to give in to isolation and freeze their lives. And afterwards, those they kept in touch with were lifelong friends.”


3. Create a pre-startup plan.
A pre-startup plan will ensure you can act quickly when things start moving again.  This may well give you an edge on competition that is still trying to figure out what happened.  In the absence of planning, failure is likely.

4. Supply Chains.
Speak to suppliers on what they can realistically offer you.  Business decisions need to be made on data and not emotions.  Assessing short, medium, and long-term realities with layoffs, cash, and budgets now will help prevent disastrous decisions based solely on emotions.

5. Use the downtime like you're planning to take over the business world.
Take additional classes, those new processes you were thinking about, new product ideas, updating that software that's been waiting, securing your network to face the increased risk from hackers and network penetration. All these things will create a stable starting point and you'll be able to hit the ground running. Getting your staff involved in this process will speak volumes to them and say: "We're determined to make our business a success-and you with us."


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This message is solely to reach out to you and share our knowledge and human interest.
Drop us a line and let us know how you are.
Wishing you safety, good health, and a future


Our own experience

CNMC Make It
A few adjusted tips from them, adapted to our industry.


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