Exhibitors Connection Provides First-Rate Services


Brand Ambassadors

Exceptional Individuals with varied skills and strengths will prove to be a valuable addition to your on-site event team as we book persons that can fulfill your event requirements and that understand your brand marketing goals.


Product Demonstrators

Our engaging product demonstrators create product awareness in an outgoing, professional manner as they work to capture the attention of potential buyers.


Brand Ambassadors for National Marketing Programs

As your Road producers “hit the road” for a national marketing program, we provide local marketing teams that are local to each city on the program. Energy, enthusiasm and consistency is the goal for these marketers that work with your road producer to meet and exceed program goals.



These individuals are the front line team that attendees often experience first as the face and personality of your event.  They can handle a wide range of registration tasks while engaging a variety of personality types with helpfulness and professionalism.


Session Monitors

Verifying and admitting your session attendees requires quick and tech savvy diplomats.  Our session scanners are trained on the most effective techniques to help all qualified entrants gain access without delay, while handling unexpected technical glitches with tact and skill. Our Scanners also assist with survey distribution and collection as well as other meeting room needs.



Never in the same place for long, these highly personable people actively seek out attendees at your event to greet and direct them as needed. For marketing events they will enthusiastically promote your brand.  They often set the tone for your event visitors far before they ever reach your program.


Crowd Gatherers

These highly outgoing and confident people proactively engage attendees with their fun personalities, drawing the crowd's attention and gathering them to participate in or view your event or trade show presentation.


Trade Show Hostesses

Attendees are warmly welcomed to your booth by our hostesses who competently and positively promote your brand and company. Whether your potential client is being provided with information or giveaways…you can be sure that they will be met with a friendly smile and be thoroughly familiar with your offerings


Costume Characters

These approachable Brand Ambassadors know how to create positive attention for your brand in a fun and engaging manner that will make everyone smile.  Costume characters require a unique personality, and we have them: Trained and ready.

Event Day Assurance:

Preparation for an Event or Exhibit Manager means putting on your crisis management hat and preparing for whatever comes or doesn’t come your way. But when you book your on-site marketing or event support team with Exhibitors Connection, you can take event support off your worry list. We have built a “worry‐free” program to help your Exhibit and Event managers rest easy.

  • Pre-event brand training
  • Early “team” arrival times
  • On‐site supervisors provided when needed
  • Local, experienced Brand Ambassadors familiar with venues
  • Backup Support on‐call
<h4><strong><i>We have the best smiles 
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It's all about the people
—And their smiles!

Registration Personnel

Session Monitors


Crowd Gatherers

Product Demonstrators

National Marketing Personnel


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