About Our Brand Ambassadors

Exhibitors Connection uses a proprietary method to select individuals with the best personality traits and strengths to be our Brand Ambassadors. These individuals are then trained using our decades proven techniques—and it shows. Their dress and grooming is always a cut above. They can handle crowds, different temperaments and fluid situations in stride and with a smile.

Below are a few examples of our people at work and our constant focus on training. It's really true that "It's All About the People."

Our Brand Ambassador Advantage

How We Train our People For Your Event
How Our BA's Prepare For Your Event
Meet our Brand Ambassadors
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As a Certified woman owned corporation, the business continues to thrive under the direction of its original owners.


To consistently provide responsible and outgoing Brand Ambassadors to represent our clients…. nationwide.





Exhibitors Connection has always focused on their commitment to diversity, qualifying individuals that have the personalities and professional presentation that our clients are looking for. The people that qualify to be part of the Exhibitors Connection team come from a variety of backgrounds and ages. We are proud to engage in diversity-positive business practices and appreciate clients that share this outlook.

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