The Age of AI and Event Staff Planning Part 2 of 2

Part two of this article continues the major conversation in the industry about AI and its place in event planning and staffing.  Some of us at  Exhibitors Connection work directly in the AI field, and can provide you with some timely information that can help you succeed, as well as help you avoid new pitfalls that can cost you and your brand.

The Fire Hose Method of Filling Event Staff Positions

Age of AI - The Fire Hose Method of Filling Event Staff Positions

Hiring a marketing company to fill event staff positions is, in a way, quite similar to AI.  Both approaches make predictions and pull from likely resources to fill a need. However, marketing companies often have a “Fire Hose” approach to filling staff positions, getting people to fill positions quickly, cheaply, with a few notes from previous personnel use. Thus, AI for staff matching usually means that a particular staffing agency does not really know their personnel. AI can make this approach worse for your brand.

 “Knowing the strengths of individual team members”

Age of AI 2 - Knowing the strengths of individual team members

Exhibitors connection has never adopted the fire hose approach. Instead, we carefully examine their strengths, emotional makeup, the way they manage their dress and grooming, how they interact with crowds and difficult personalities. These are the traits that take years to know, and help us not to just “fill” a spot, but use the best person for each position.  This means the difference between just having ‘bodies in booth’, and assets on your team. For us, it really is: “All About the People.”

The Personal TSOuch - Exhibitorsconnection.comWas This Written Using AI?. 
The article-no. The first two pictures-yes

Why? The last picture was created by a human artist, because of human interaction. The human components of fostering interest in your products and services requires human interaction. Predicting an emotional component using algorithms has a limited value, and less so when it comes to spending your company’s cash. AI can work for certain patterns, such as color, temporary viral interest, purchase habits, even some marketing copy, social media and SEO. But for people-to-people interaction, nothing in AI thus far comes close.

Having the right booth staff to support your learning experiences is also an important element of creating ideal learning opportunities. High-energy, talented Brand Ambassadors from Exhibitors Connection can help you create energized learning environments.

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