The Age of AI and Event Staff Planning Part 1 of 2

There is a major conversation in the industry about AI and its place in event planning and staffing. Thankfully, some of the Exhibitors Connection team works directly in the AI field, and can provide you with some timely information that can help you succeed, as well as help you avoid new pitfalls that can cost you.

The New Buzz Words


The Age of AI and Event Staff Planning Part 1_1 - The New Buzz Words

Catch Phrases and Whether to Jump on the Band Wagon. New terms like: “Reliability Predictions”, “Staff Matching”, and “AI marketing.” 2023 is proving to have some good uses for AI when it comes to marketing copy, social networks and certain Search Engine Marketing uses. We have been utilizing some of these since 2021.

“Reliability Prediction”


The Age of AI and Event Staff Planning Part 1 of 2  - Reliability Prediction

This basically uses available data to ‘predict’ an outcome. In theory, the more data you have, the better the prediction and the end success.

However, when it comes to event staffing, a company’s goal is to generate interest in their services or products. This is often a human and very emotionally-based response.

The Personal TSOuch - Exhibitorsconnection.comWas This Written Using AI?. 
The article-no. The first two pictures-yes

Why? The last picture was created by an artist, because of the human interaction. The human components of fostering interest in your products and services requires human interaction. Predicting an emotional component using algorithms has a limited value, and less so when it comes to spending your company’s cash. AI can work for certain patterns, such as color, temporary viral interest, purchase habits, even some marketing copy, social media and SEO. But for people-to-people interaction, nothing in AI thus far comes close.

Having the right booth staff to support your learning experiences is also an important element of creating ideal learning opportunities. High-energy, talented Brand Ambassadors from Exhibitors Connection can help you create energized learning environments.

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