Toolbox Tips for Your Next Trade Show

Toolbox Tips for Your Next Trade Show

Ever been on-site and thought, “Doggone it! I wish I had a ________ or some extra ________!” Well, plan ahead for next time and always ‘be prepared,’ like the best Scout ever. Create your own customized toolbox, so you’re never without the tools you need.

Toolbox – Of course, you’ll want a sturdy toolbox that can hold all the tools you need to bring. If you plan to travel with it, make sure it has wheels for easy maneuvering. If you can, have it packed with your display unit and shipped. Mark it carefully with some bright tape or markers so everyone who sees it will know it’s yours. But – buy it last – so once you have assembled all your tools, you know what size you really need.

Multi-Purpose Tool – The very first thing you should consider is a multi-purpose tool – one that is equipped with a few different knife blades, collapsible scissors, two different screwdriver heads and other useful items. There are a number of excellent manufacturers of these items, such as Leatherman or Gerber, and they range in style, size and of course, price. Having one of these on hand could significantly reduce the number of separate tools you need. But keep in mind: you cannot take this on an airplane in your carry-on luggage, or your friendly TSA agent will be only too happy to confiscate it at security.

Paper Products – Always have a box of tissues and a roll of paper towels on site. Seasonal allergies can kick in at any time, especially when you’re in a different climate. Spills can happen too. Be prepared for anything.

First Aid Kit – Hopefully, the most you’ll ever need this for is to put a bandage on a paper cut. But having one on hand can give you extra peace of mind.

Pain Reliever – Pick up a travel size bottle of your favorite pain reliever for those moments when your feet, head or back begins to ache. After a long day on the showroom floor, you can bet that something will and you’ll be ready to stave off anything that comes your way.

Water Bottle – If nothing else, you’re going to need water to down those pain relievers, right? Plus, as we all know, water is really the best thing going in terms of not only hydration, but also small clean-ups that may be necessary.

Wet Wipes – You can usually find these in travel packs and they’re about as handy as can be. Perfect to use after a meal or snack. You’ll hopefully be shaking a lot of hands throughout the day and invariably you’re going to meet up with a sweaty handshake. This is your secret weapon against the clammy hand.

Hand Sanitizer – Speaking of hands, if you meet someone who seems under the weather, it’s a good idea to have a bottle of hand sanitizer that you can discreetly use to keep germs at bay.

Food Storage Bags – These quart- or gallon-sized clear, zippered bags can be a lifesaver when you’re traveling and need to pack something up. Whether you use them to pack up pencils, business cards, giveaways or leftovers, you’ll be surprised how handy these can be.

Extra Phone Charger – Many people break out into a cold sweat when they realize they’re not in the same room with their cell phone. You know what’s worse? Having your phone without a charger that works. It’s well worth the investment to buy an extra just in case.

Contact Information Printout – Speaking of dead batteries, you may not want to put all of your trade show contact info only on your smartphone. To avoid a situation where your phone is down and you need to contact someone, simply print out the information, like in the good old days.

Duct Tape – Under no circumstances should you attend a show without a roll of this. Sure, you could borrow someone else’s, but then they’ll think you’re a rookie. It’s possibly the most single important thing to pack. Plus, you might be able to help out the other rookies.

Extension Cords – Depending on the design and placement of your booth, you might need an extra outlet or two for personal items. Having a grounded extension cord in your toolbox is always a good idea.

Scissors, Tape, Stapler and Paper Clips – Seems like a good idea to have these on hand in case you want to attach your card to something.

Notebook – Finally, whatever the best way is for you to remember something, be it your phone, a notebook or something else, immediately take note of every time you find yourself thinking, “I wish I had brought…” and then make sure to pack it next time as well.

We’re all different and your list of tools to take with you may vary from the above. If you attend lots of shows, don’t unpack your toolbox, just leave it ready as your “go-bag” so you won’t have to remember what to put in it next time.

And, if you forget something, you can always let your Exhibitors Connections Brand Ambassador know before arriving at the show. We come prepared to market your brand.

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