Top 3 Reasons to Add Brand Ambassadors to Your Lineup

Top 3 Reasons to Add Brand Ambassadors to Your Lineup

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Top 3 Reasons to Add Brand Ambassadors to Your Lineup

1. You and Your Team Can’t Do it All

The show only lasts a few days and several hours each day. It sounds like your team can handle it, but then consider how many attendees each person will need to meet with and for how long: current customers, potential customers, partners, vendors and colleagues.

Your team may get pulled from speaking with qualified leads in order to hold meetings, give presentations/demonstrations or attend a special event or session. All the activities are important and may lead to business, but what about that lead that was missed? How much business did that cost you? Working the trade show exhibit takes time, patience and usually more people than the amount your budget will allow you to send. Adding Brand Ambassadors during exhibit hours will help you supplement your team and ensure no leads pass you by.

2. Laser Focus
Brand Ambassadors are eager to be trained on your company, your brand and your products. They can be scripted and trained to qualify leads and properly pass attendees to your team when appropriate. Brand Ambassadors can work the corners of the exhibit to attract and draw attendees into your exhibit and to your team. Or if you are short on staff, your team can focus on qualified leads while your Brand Ambassadors provide hospitality and give demonstrations. As you and the rest of your team get distracted with other trade show needs, you will be confident that your trade show plan, experience and message are reaching visiting attendees.
3. Brand Ambassadors are Trade Show Experts
Many seasoned sales executives are successful in office visits and around the conference table, but struggle on the trade show floor. Brand Ambassadors are specifically trained for the trade show experience. Their expertise is in customer service and brand representation during trade show hours. They will not have the full encyclopedia of product knowledge that your staff has, but they will work as magnets to draw your target audience to your booth.

Together, your sales team and Brand Ambassadors will create a winning team in your exhibit and for your brand.

Exhibitors Connection provides a network of qualified, professional Brand Ambassadors to companies hosting exhibits and events nationwide.

Consider Exhibitors Connection as your on-site tech, marketing or event team.  We specialize in providing individuals that will be a natural extension of your brand, your company and represent you in an outgoing, professional manner.  Let us know if we can provide you with the right team for an upcoming event or tradeshow, 773.631.9465.

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