Three Training Tips You Definitely Want Your Booth Staff to Understand

Booth staff training often focuses on the basics, from greeting attendees as they enter your booth to staying off of phones while in the booth. These are tried-and-true rules for exhibit professionalism but there’s additional training you want to ensure your booth staff fully understands.

Three things every booth staffer should knows before the attendees start pouring into your exhibit:

  1. The rest of the booth team and the role they play in the exhibit.Oftentimes, booth staff comes from different divisions, departments and locations; let everyone introduce themselves at your pre-show orientation including their role within the company. Follow it up by explaining what role each person is playing on the show floor. Include any hired brand ambassadors in the introductions to avoid show floor confusion.
  2. Key messages – this includes corporate messaging as well as any show-specific messages. The most successful booth staffers incorporate key messaging into their show floor discussions. This includes any show-specific promotions, giveaways or surveys.
  3. Show and individual goals – it’s critical for each individual to understand the company’s goals for exhibiting and any individual staff goals for which they are responsible. Clearly articulate what is expected of each staffer, especially sales or lead-gathering goals. It’s often helpful to break those goals down to daily or hourly objectives. This is a great way to minimize post-show disappointment for everyone.

Effectively connecting on the show floor can mean the difference between a so-so show and a marketing success story. Let the talented Brand Ambassadors from Exhibitors Connection help you create meaningful connections. Contact Exhibitors Connection today to find out how we can help you at your next event or trade show.

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