Code of Conduct for Technology

Being Smart About Phones in Your Exhibit

In less than a few seconds that it takes an attendee to walk by an exhibit, they decide: does the company have the product/service I am looking for; and are they the type of people I would like to give my business. Ultimately, do they look interested to speak to me about my company

Many have tried to create an environment of anticipation or eagerness by removing items that distract sales teams and make them look unprofessional.  The no eating rules, no sitting down standards and taking “daily” work out of the exhibit have become commonplace.

Then, came the smart phones.  And, we now have email notifications and text alerts that are harder and harder to ignore.  The sales team’s entire computer is at their fingertips and it is easy to close that deal or respond to that email while they have “down-time” in the exhibit. The problem: in the time they respond to that email, several potential clients may have walked by the exhibit.

Add a technology code of etiquette to your booth guide:

  • Don’t use cell phones in the exhibit.  If you have to take a call, step outside the exhibit to a nearby aisle or lounge.
  • Tuck the cell phones away.  Keep the cell phones in bags or a closet so you won’t be tempted to look at that recent text or email when you feel it vibrate.
  • Keep the cell phones on silent mode.  Even if they are tucked away, keep them on silent.
  • Tell your office you will be checking your phone only periodically.  Look at your phone at lunch or on breaks.

Be tech savvy.

Be a hero to your clients, prospects and sales team by adding these elements to your exhibit plan.  You can remove smart phones from your sales team, but remember attendees will all have them.

  • Keep a box of extra phone chargers handy.  Someone always forgets theirs.
  • Take advantage of social media.  Appoint one person to post exhibit events on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  Watch for show updates.  You will be the first to know.
  • Incorporate the latest technology like QR codes to help attendees get more information about your product/service downloaded quickly on their phone.

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