Do you have the answer?

How does your staff respond to attendee questions?

answersWhether the staff manning your exhibit is from your company or hired brand ambassadors, your customers expect they represent your company and know products well. You lose valuable interaction time when a customer is passed from person to person or has to wait while their ambassador finds the right answer.


Give your staff the training to excel on show day. 

1) Booth staff training: Before the show, train your staff on the exhibit experience, the components in the exhibit (i.e. demonstration stations, lead scanners), and your company and product messaging.

2) Prepare talking points: Give your team suggested talking points — from lines they can use to bring clients in from the aisles to ways to close the conversation with actionable next steps.

3) Role play: Create possible scenarios including questions the staff may receive. Ask your staff to pair up and practice questions and answers until they are comfortable, and that includes the hard questions you hope you don’t get.

4) Understand your clients: Drill your staffers about their customers, including pain points and industry segment concerns. Make sure they understand how to connect with clients.

5) Recognize colors: Inform your staff of the different badges of the show. Many shows use colors to represent participating groups. All attendees should be greeted in a timely, friendly manner, but prepare staff to escort them to the right location of the exhibit or answer questions in a different manner based on their needs.

Build a knowledge building experience.

If throughout the experience there are different levels of expertise and not all staff will be able to answer clients’ questions, build an experience to get clients to the experts before they even ask the question. Develop a flow chart of qualification for the staff so they understand where to walk certain clients and how to introduce them to the resident experts before the conversation gets too sophisticated.

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