Staff your exhibit in zones.

Staff your exhibit in zones.

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From the time your exhibit designer starting sketching your exhibit, it most likely had a designated front and back. Those designations were given based on assumed traffic from the aisle placement.

When your booth staff gets to the show, they will usually assume position at the designated front predicting the same traffic flow. However, the reality is, attendees will enter your exhibit from multiple sides and entrance points. Your Brand Ambassadors should be prepared to greet them.

If you create zones in your exhibit and assign Brand Ambassadors to each zone, you can ensure accurate coverage for your exhibit. Depending on the size of your exhibit, you may designate the zones into 5×5, 10×10 or larger areas. Indicate the zones on a labeled floor plan and clearly match each Brand Ambassador to their zone. If they know they are responsible for a certain area, they are more likely to accept personal responsiblity and remain in the zone, preventing the cluster effect where the Brand Ambassadors begin to huddle together to chit-chat missing valuable attendee interactions.

When you zone, you can assign multiple Brand Ambassadors to each area or even consider rotating. Some zones may require more staff than others based on your expected attendee experience.

Dividing your exhibit by zones should help you ensure an attendee never slips in and out without a Brand Ambassador one-on-one experience and should keep your team moving towards the goal zone for the show.

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