Presenting Your Company at Your Next Show

Presenting Your Company at Your Next Show   

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Is a presentation part of your tradeshow experience?

Whether it’s small presentations at kiosks between your staff and prospects or a full theatre presentation, here are some tips to help your presentation get your audience talking.

1) Familiarize your team. Everyone working the booth should be familiar with the presentation, even if they are not presenting. If an attendee asks a question about the presentation, anyone in the booth should be able to answer or find the answer. One tip is to send the presentation out to the team before the show. Schedule a webinar to review it with them in advance and everyone will be knowledgeable.

2) Use great presentation skills. Share presenting best practices with your team:

  • Maintain eye contact with attendees
  • Speak while facing attendees — not facing the screen
  • Be respectful of time. Stay to the time allotted for the presentation
  • Restate questions before answering them so that other attendees can hear it

3) Rehearse. From technology glitches to last-minute edits, you want any potential mishap to happen in rehearsal and not with your first group of attendees. Make sure each presenter has practiced with you before the show.

Now, you are ready! You and your team members can be confident in your presentation. When you exude confidence, people are more likely to take your presentation — and message — seriously. Now go out there and wow the crowd at your next tradeshow!

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