Hiring a translator for your exhibit

Hiring a translator for your exhibit   

As organizations increasingly think global, the challenge facing exhibit managers is how to reach these extended markets. Domestic trade shows are attracting more international audiences and more companies are taking on the challenge of exhibiting internationally with great benefit. But, exhibit managers still face the hurdles of global communication and cultures to ensure their message is received and retained by these new audiences.

Yes, about one out of four people on Earth speaks English, but that doesn’t mean it will be your audience’s first language or even understood by your key market segment. How do you determine when it is best to hire exhibit staff that speak another language or hire a translator?

1) Research the show. Your show producer should provide a prospectus that outlines a breakdown of international versus domestic attendees. Some show producers will even provide a breakdown of countries attendees are coming from, which can help you determine if one language might be needed over another.

2) Who is your market? If a networking interaction with an international attendee is of great value to you, then you definitely don’t want language to be a barrier. In some cases, exhibitors are at international shows to visit with U.S. attendees and are not as concerned with international connections because, for example, their product is not available internationally. In this example, a translator would not be needed but the exhibitor may want to accommodate the experience for international guests with signage, etc.

3) Review your experience. What are your goals for the experience? If your English-speaking sales team is hoping to have meetings and interactions with non-English speaking attendees, you need to facilitate the experience from exhibit reception to meetings.

Consider hiring a native-born translator who not only understands the language, but the culture of the country. Ask them to help you fine-tune your message and exhibit graphics to ensure they are effectively delivered to your new audience. A staff person who speaks the language will be helpful, but having a local who can assist with technical language and cultural issues will go a long way in building show floor relationships.
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