Being In the Right Place Every Time

Being In the Right Place Every Time  

We all know the real estate adage about selling a property: Location, Location, Location. That premise applies equally to the trade show you’ve been preparing for: everything else you’ve done won’t be seen if you don’t get the best location for you and your product or service. You want to to be noticed and sampled by the largest audience possible and one of the most important things is to ensure a great spot. Where to begin? Do your homework.

Check It Out – If at all feasible, go on site and explore the venue in advance, preferably while another show is taking place. If that’s not possible, find out if there’s online video of the exhibit space in addition to a floor plan. Also, check to see if there are any issues with outside light that could interfere with the visibility of a computer or television screen you are using in your display.

Walk in Their Shoes – If you can visit the venue, you’ll gain a lot of useful knowledge you otherwise might miss. You’ll have a much better idea of what the attendees encounter before they walk in the door. Did they have to fight traffic or road construction just before arriving? Did they have to walk a long way from the hotel? This kind of information can help you understand the mindset of visitors as they enter. It can also help you determine the kind of giveaways you may want to offer. We’ve heard of vendors offering foot slippers to comfort attendees due to the distance between the hotel and exhibit hall.

First Seen, First Served? Being close to the entrance and main hall has its believers and detractors. Believers say it’s best to be the first thing people see. This can be especially true if you can put together an eye-popping display that will stop people in their tracks. Detractors believe that when people enter, they want to move around and not stop at the first booth or two they see. Know in advance that each exhibit hall price their booth space based upon what they have learned are the most desirable spots, which can vary from hall to hall. It may be worth trying an entrance spot at least once to see how you fare.

Hanging at the Corner The ends of rows and corners of an exhibit hall can be very advantageous: many times they offer an opportunity for a larger area to display in. But it may cost more; will it be worth it? Again, the creativity of your display – and your pre-show marketing – will be extremely important in determining whether or not your larger, possibly out-of-the-way spot is a good value for you.

Right in the middle – Most traffic at shows tends to be in the middle of the rows, which would seem to be the most advantageous place to be, at first glance. However, you’ll have a lot of competition for attendees’ attention. If you’re in the middle, try finding a complimentary vendor to your product or service and get a spot next to them.

Take a Break – A few other places you may not have considered: near the food aisle, smartphone charging area or the restrooms. Anyone attending for any length of time will likely need to drop by these areas at least once. You might be able to offer something to complement their visit, such as bottled water, charging hubs or hand sanitizer. Be creative!

Consider Hiring an On-Site Marketing Team – You may be able to create a more visible, interactive show experience by staffing your exhibit with Brand Ambassadors.  The on site team will draw in attendees, assist with any giveaways and direct your top leads to the right sales representative.

Get In Early – Finally, reserving as early as possible in the process is key, especially since there will be returning vendors who will get the same prime space every year. It’s worth chatting up some of these folks to get their theories as to the best place to exhibit from.

Consider Exhibitors Connection as your on-site marketing team.  We specialize in creating a team that will be a natural extension of your brand, your company and represent you in an outgoing, professional manner.  Let us know if we can provide you with the right team to help draw attendees into your event or exhibit space, 773.631.9465.

Exhibitors Connection, nationwide tradeshow and event marketing, specializes in creating an on-site, event marketing team that will best represent your brand, your company and be a natural extension of your team. Let us know if we can help you pick the right team for your next event, 773.631.9465.

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