Show giveaways that do much more than give away your budget

Show giveaways that do much more than give away your budget

At a tradeshow, you are competing against many show activities and exhibitors for the attention of your target audience. From the design of your space to your Brand Ambassadors, you try to build an experience that will draw in your prospects and keep them there to hear your message.

One incentive that many exhibitors continue to use even though reduced budgets have thinned their ranks is giveaways. Promotional items can be effective — when you put the time and thought into finding one that your audience will appreciate.

Pens, stress balls, USB drives, and let’s not forget food, there are thousands of options but many giveaways will draw everyone at the show, including guests and competitors. Who wants to spend their budget feeding a competitor?

The key to a great giveaway is to find a relevant product that will fit your specific target audience’s need. Consider the following attributes when purchasing your giveaways:

Relevant to the industry and your brand: Will this product be well received by the audience? Is the giveaway an appropriate fit with your brand?

Appeal: Make sure you are selecting a giveaway with a slight “cool” factor or a uniqueness that will draw in your audience. Avoid giveaways they already have in abundance. For example, rarely will your target audience have a need for more logo pens, but those looking for freebies will be happy to empty your pile of pens into their bag.

Usable: Can this product be used by your audience after the show or, even better, multiple times? You don’t want to select a product that is disposed of as quickly as it is received.

Part of your experience: Don’t hand your giveaway out at the aisle to just any passerby. Make the redemption of your product part of the exhibit experience. Then interested audience members will choose to participate to receive it. Those who are simply visitors or guests will rarely participate in the entire process. Tying it to the experience will also help your audience better retain your message.

It’s not easy to find giveaways that achieve all of this at a price you can afford. When it comes to your final selection, use your instinct and common sense. And, remember while increasing booth traffic is important, increasing QUALIFIED traffic is really your goal. Make sure your giveaway draws the people you are there to see!

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