Draw in the Crowds

Draw in the Crowds   

With all the competition around you at your next trade show, how in the world can you expect to truly stand out? You have a very limited time span to engage anyone who stops by to see what you have to offer. It’s great to have a nice  giveaway, but after you’ve handed it over, then what ?

If you really want to stand out in the crowd, consider engaging your prospects with some type of live entertainment or activity that will make them stick around for a while.

There are plenty of options to consider, from comedy to music and everything in-between.

Some of the more entertaining things we’ve seen displayed at shows include:

  • A musician
  • An interactive game that rewards game participants with fun prizes
  • A team competition that quizzes participants on your product features
  • Foot and neck massages
  • A shoeshine stand
  • A sleight of hand – Card Shark
  • A musician who can come up with a catchy tune based upon someone’s name

The list of possibilities is truly endless! Use your imagination. If you were walking around a large trade show for hours, what would tickle your fancy?

Even better is to tailor the entertainment to reinforce what your company’s product or service offers. For example, if your software product make work less stressful, then  a foot massage could be just another way to say, “Relax – we’ll take care of you.”

Consider relevant, entertainment in your next exhibit. Presenting a form of live entertainment is a great way to engage your potential customers for longer periods of time. Exhibitors Connection can provide Crowd Gatherers to work as a team with your company to draw attention to your booth and your company in a positive way.  Crowd Gatherers will welcome attendees and draw a crowd to your booth for each show time, making the attendees experience in your booth both fun and interactive.

Give it a try, see what works and enjoy the benefits of prospect retention that will improve your bottom line!

Consider Exhibitors Connection as your on-site marketing team.  We specialize in creating a team that will be a natural extension of your brand, your company and represent you in an outgoing, professional manner.  Let us know if we can provide you with the right team to help draw attendees into your event or exhibit space, 773.631.9465.

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