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Marketing the Destination

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Promote Your Location

The city you choose to host your event can be a major reason attendees decide whether or not to attend. Are you marketing your event’s destination to your advantage?
Many events will require travel by your attendees on some level, whether regional, national or international. And, you need to get them to the city of your event before you can expect to find them at your event destination.

Location does matter. If you have planned your event at an attractive location, market its positive features to build excitement and encourage them to make the trip.

Location Marketing Tips

Is the location a vacation spot? Will your audience enjoy complimenting your event with a vacation? Is this a great opportunity for them to get away and enjoy some rest and relaxation? Winter events in warmer climates can often take advantage of this strategy.
Is the location an industry hub? If your event location is a geographic area of growth and business for the industry, market to your attendees the opportunity to plan meetings, take tours, and visit colleagues.
Is the location accessible? If the local is easy to get to, market the location’s convenience to your attendees who will appreciate the time savings.

Don’t forget to consider local Brand Ambassadors. Their knowledge of the region will be an asset to attendees and you.

Exhibitors Connection specializes in creating an on-site, event team of Brand Ambassadors that will best represent your brand, your company and be a natural extension of your team. Let us know if we can help you pick the right event support team for your next event, 773.631.9465.

Exhibitors Connection provides a network of qualified, professional Brand Ambassadors to companies hosting exhibits and events nationwide.

Consider Exhibitors Connection as your on-site tech, marketing or event team.  We specialize in providing individuals that will be a natural extension of your brand, your company and represent you in an outgoing, professional manner.  Let us know if we can provide you with the right team for an upcoming event or tradeshow, 773.631.9465.

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