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Selecting the Right Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassadors have the expertise and experience to wear many hats, but some will have more experience than others.  How should you select the right Brand Ambassador for your event or trade show? Should they come from within your team or be hired from an event staffing agency?

Follow the checklist below to help you determine who will be the best team member for your next event?

1.  What role will they play?

Outline the needed team member positions and their duties throughout the event.  Do they need to be crowd gathering, giving a presentation or presenting detailed product information?  Many times, each position will have multiple roles at an event or trade show.  Make sure you understand all aspects of the position to find the right team member whether you are selecting from your internal sales team or hiring a Brand Ambassador from an event staffing agency.

2.  What are your show goals?

Is your goal to ensure as many attendees as possible interact with your product through sampling or do you want to have numerous one-on-one product discussions?  For more detailed brand and product presentations, you may want to have your internal team who is well versed in your company’s messaging available.  However, review their duties for the event. Make sure if you want them available for meetings that you have a Brand Ambassador available to handle the crowd gathering or sampling.  Don’t sacrifice your goal by understaffing.

3.  Evaluate their experience.

Just because your team member is great at closing the deal at the conference table, it does not mean they can encourage hundreds of attendees to come into your experience. Evaluate the skillsets you need based on the proven experience of your internal team members or hired Brand Ambassadors.  If you are hiring help, do not be shy about asking for resumes and references.  Their experience should include the duties you need them to perform at your event.

4.  Evaluate your numbers.

Make sure to review how many hours you will need each role that you have identified above.  Gauge that role against the estimated number of attendees. Look at how long the function you asked them to perform will take.  For example, if you expect to have 100 attendees each hour and it takes 2 minutes to complete your brand interaction with each visitor than you will need more than one Brand Ambassador.  Don’t forget to configure breaks and lunches in your schedule. These are often overlooked and cause brand experiences to be understaffed during sometimes the busiest times.

Need help?

Ask your event staffing agency to help you determine the number of staff and the types of individuals that you may need.  They will be happy to help you create a staffing plan for your next event and find the right Brand Ambassadors to assist you.

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