Choosing the Right Location for Your Event

Where will you go next?

Choosing the right location for your exhibit or event is a critical component to success. Stray too far off the beaten path and your stunning exhibit and exceptional staff will suffer from a lack of traffic.

What are the key factors to consider in selecting a location?

  • Choosing the Right Location for Your EventLook for an exhibit location on main aisles or on the way to a traffic draw such as a seminar room, food area, coffee bar, or the restrooms.
  • Consider where the “major players” are located and try to piggyback off their locations.
  • Avoid corners and back walls unless there is a compelling reason that the location will draw traffic.
  • Hosting an event off of the show floor? Look for closeby locations so that attendees who have walked the Convention Center don’t have a reason to say “it’s too far” or “I’m too tired.” Or go for excitement and choose a compelling location that attendees will jump at the chance to attend.
  • Review your requirements and make sure the space and location meet your objectives and needs.
  • Make sure you take the time to visit your location before you make your decision. Online research can be helpful but consider visiting the trade show floor the year before you participate in a show or a venue when another event is taking place.
  • Is the location accessible and appealing to your target audience?

The ideal location combined with the perfect team will help you achieve your event and marketing goals.

Consider Exhibitors Connection as your on-site marketing team.  We specialize in creating a team that will be a natural extension of your brand, your company and represent you in an outgoing, professional manner.  Let us know if we can provide you with the right team to help draw attendees into your event or exhibit space, 773.631.9465.

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