What Should You Look for When Hiring Brand Ambassadors

What Should You Look for When Hiring Brand Ambassadors

There are many reasons to hire Brand Ambassadors for your next event. Your needs may exceed the number of company team members present or you may want to focus your team members in meetings and need ambassadors to manage hospitality.

To fill these positions, you could contract with a talent agency or a professional event-staffing agency for one event or consider a long-term partnership. As you review potential agencies, here are some questions to ask them.

Top questions to ask your next event-staffing partner:
  • How much of your work is trade show and event based?
    Work with an agency who specializes in trade shows and events. While many talent agencies can give you the “look” you may want in your booth, these staffers may not have experience in face-to-face engagement at events. You want to hire Brand Ambassadors who not only understand trade show and event 101, but also have an outgoing personality and eagerness to represent your company.
  • Where do you find your Brand Ambassadors?
    Understand the backgrounds and experience that most of their Brand Ambassadors can bring to your event. Ask about some of the individual’s background and how they came to employment with the agency. You are looking for experienced, professional Brand Ambassadors. Consider their tenure with the agency. If you find and train Brand Ambassadors for this event, what is the likelihood you could hire the same individuals for your next event?
  • Can you provide me three recommendations?
    Request a few current clients information to contact. This is a good opportunity to discuss the agency’s dependability and performance of the staff. This may also help you understand how to be the best client to ensure a long, beneficial partnership.
  • How much will it cost?
    Talk to agencies about how they pay their staff and educate yourself on the labor laws and agency guidelines set in place for breaks and overtime. You don’t want to be surprised at the end of your event with additional costs. Discuss how travel arrangements and parking fees should be handled.

Exhibitors Connection specializes in creating an on-site, event team of Brand Ambassadors that will best represent your brand, your company and be a natural extension of your team. Let us know if we can help you pick the right event support team for your next event, 773-631-9465.

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