Get your brand in the hands of your target audience

Why you should consider product sampling in your exhibit.

Are you trying to build product and brand awareness at your next show? Do you want to get your product in the hands of your target audience? Because you know if they tried it, they would love it as much as you do. Tradeshows and events are a great opportunity to get your products in front of a large amount of people quickly.

Immediate gratification. Some companies give out coupons or directions to try their product, but sampling gives visitors an immediate engagement that they are more likely to try. Plus, it gives you an opportunity to train them on best uses of your product and have a conversation while they are enjoying their sample.


If you have samples, attendees will be sure to spread the word. Sampling can be a great promotion to build your traffic. And, if you are serving edible samples, the aroma is sure to be a bonus to draw a crowd.

Sampling allows your target audience to leave your branded experience not only knowing what you told them about the product, but how they liked it and how it made them feel. A memorable experience not soon forgotten.

A few things to consider when sampling. Make sure you review event regulations to stay within guidelines. Keep your sales team free for engagement, consider hiring Brand Ambassadors to serve your customers and keep the samples coming.

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